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Tv units



Added features.

Hand Painted

  • Popping colours

  • Natural colours.

  • Retro colours.

  • Art Deco colours.

Choice of coating

  • Laminate coating in various colours.

  • Hardwood veneer.

Your taste in knobs

  • Handcrafted doorknobs.

  • Trim doorknobs.

  • Finger pull doorknobs.

Choice of varnish

  • Linseed oil.

  • Danish oil.

  • Tung oil.

Laser engraved

  • Era designs (Colonial, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, etc.)

  • Graphic designs.

  • Re-created artwork.

  • Custom artwork by our in-house artist. 


  • Baby proofing.

  • Thread Tubular Cam Lock.

  • Vintage style locks.

  • Combination locks.


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